The Best Place To Find Unbiased E Cig Reviews

I’ve been desperately looking for a place that I can find true and unbiased e cig reviews for a while now. The majority of the reviews that I have found on the Internet seem to be definitely slanted toward the particular electronic cigarette that they are reviewing. I think that the reviews that I have personally come across have been written by people who are attempting to sell the electronic cigarette that they are reviewing. This is not the type of review that I am looking for, the kind that is nothing more but a sales page couched in the guise of a review.


No, what I would like to see is a real and true review – meaning, that the reviewer came to trying the product with no preconceived notions about what it was going to be like, that they tried it and kept detailed observations and notes about what they noticed, and then they write down their experience and share it with the world for the purposes of letting everyone else know what that one person’s unbiased experience with the product was. It seems like reviews such as this are getting rarer and rarer in today’s world.

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